I was just in a car accident but they let me go, how lucky am i?

I slowly bumped a car in front of me. We exchanged insurance but they said that its cool, they won't go after me. It was a light bump and practically no damage but since it was my fault, they could easily press me

how lucky did I get that they let me go?

  • Very very lucky. people almost never let u slide, no matter how little the damage
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  • Lucky, occasionally nice people will just let it go
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  • If there is no damage, most people just move on
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There are nice people on this planet, faith in humanity restored!!


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  • In my experience, usually if there's no damage people let it go. I got rear-ended a while ago (other guys fault), there was no damage on my truck and a small scratch on his, we didn't bother swapping information. I know a few other people that have had the same thing happen.

  • That kind of thing happens a lot. If there's no damage to vehicle or person, no reason to make a big deal out of it. And they were obviously on their way somewhere, so they want to get on with their day.

  • If it was a small bump and no damage I'd let it go.

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