Gagers what do u think about my user name?

Some GAGers asked me why Universehateme

My answer is it was just random username I don't want to use my real name also I'm not good at choosing username,, and it was mean Universehateme cuz It can't broke me or something like that

someone said I've to change it to @Universeloveme but GAG don't allow that even for once

there's a lot of funny username in GAG too

I have made new account for this reason , I didn't want to but I have to, now I'm going to cancel this one
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  • Your username describes me. The universe hates me. :(

    • ,, they are liar if they said we are happy all the time,, the happy one is the one who stay sad for just day then move on in the good direction

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    • It's ok as long as that make u happy , don't forget to buy parrot ilove them

    • I am thinking of something else put don't want to say pubicly.

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  • I think that the name you chose, portrays a person bound by difficult choices.

    • I wanted to keep them wonder,, before I wasn't serious about being a part of GAG until I liked it
      For my knowledge most social site give u the option to change only once , I hope GAG consider this

    • We used to have that option, and to this day I still don't agree with their reason behind removing it; people changed their names too much.

    • Yeah I don't agree with change too much either
      Once there's this option please let me know

  • Too sad 😞


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