In real life, people aren't really racist, but online it's prevalent?

Do you think this is peoples true thoughts that they don't want to express in real life because they'll be judged, and these people are just as common offline as online. Or do you think it's just weirdos who never do anything other than spew hatred and bs online?
Sometimes, I see disgusting things online and I'm just like wow... These are normal people with normal jobs who mix with us and we'll never know they think like this. But other times, especially when I see other people who aren't from the race being talked about arguing back, I think oh just the regular small but very vocal group of morons who the rest of society hates.

Also, when people are properly racist, how do you think they got like that? Like not liking some people isn't normal, but I guess it's not terrible if they don't let it affect normal judgement, but these people have real genuine hatred in their hearts for other races and it's just so strange that people can get like that. Especially nowadays when we're so integrated and we all work or go to school with so many other races. Sometimes racism is just ignorance and it's not to dangerous because ignorance can be eradicated with education, but sometimes it's actually real hatred.


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  • Evil is strong in this world. It seeks to divide us, as it feeds of fear, and hatred. These people are simply to weak to fight it. Just don't let them determine what type of person you want to be.


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  • Nearly everyone categorizes and generalizes other people making unwarranted associations about race, age, dress, manners, etc & etc. It's the normal thing for human beings, it's how our brain works. The difference is whether you work against the tendency consciously or just accept it. We are racist by default and open minded only if we work at it.

  • I think it's a mixture of a small vocal minority, plus people from some areas/cultures where it's more accepted.

    Where I live, you get a group of white people together, nobody would say anything racist, a few of them might or might not think it, but they wouldn't expect to get support if they said it in front of a white group.

    But I've heard people say they've lived other places where white people would say things in front of other white people, on the assumption it's accepted.

    So.. . i guess it's a mix of minority speaking what they think, and some people who i dont' normally run into.

  • I think most things said online are just what people are thinking on the inside. The internet doesn't reflect how people act in reality but I do think it reflects what they think. People fake positivity in person but I think all the anger hatred sadness and bitterness that is spewed around on the internet are how people actually think. They'd just never say it out loud like you said because they'd be judged for it.


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