Lol how crazy is it that I find out a lot of my crushes always have the same birhday?

3 of my crushes all shared the same birthday on the same day in November and 3 of my crushes all shared the same day in February! What does this mean 🤔

Like I was thinking out my crush Jay because his birthday is today and its close to Valentines Day. But then I found out that my crush Clay also has a birthday today. Jay is turning 22 and Clay is turning 19.

We're all in the same class together, and now I dont know who to go for. Clay has made more of an effore to talk to me than Jay, but Jay always stares at me and smiles. Oh yea and i sit in between both of them! #Nervewrecking


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  • It means you probably believe in the garbage of astrology

    • What did i say that makes you mention horoscopes

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    • Did you read my update though

    • Who do you like more. Go for that one

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