Is it wrong to say musics?

One music, two musics. Is it wrong to say musics?


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  • As far as am aware there is no such word in the English language.

    • How will I say if there is more than one music?

    • You simply say MUSIC

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • Yes its wrong.


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  • There is only "music". If you want to express a plural, you'd have to say something like "two songs" or "several musical tunes" or "different musical sounds" or something alone those lines.

    • Music is countable in my language :D

    • That's interesting :-). I think the reason music is uncountable in English is because it's an abstract concept. Although we say stuff like "I hear music", it's not exactly music you hear. It's more like a music tune or a song. Music itself is more abstract... kinda like the overarching term for everything that is related to, well, music ;-). Like you can't say "there are two loves, one for my girlfriend and one for my other girlfriend" or "I feel so happy, I feel several happinesses at the same time!" These things don't work in plural because they're abstract concepts.