What went wrong in this convo?

a girl wrote on fb but we haven't spoke in ages, she was an old friend and then disappeared on me so what's the deal?

girl: :)
me: hey, whats up? :)
girl: everything good?
me: it's all good. I haven't seen you in a while how's eveything?
girl: was about to say that ;) I'm still studying :) hbu?
me: still working at the same place, not much has changed LOL what are you studying?
girl: psychology ❤️‍❤️‍
me: that's cool, where are you studying?
girl: X university
me: awesome we're going to be colleagues. are you in X headquarters? (I work as a pharmacist)
girl: yup :)
me: cool. we must go out one of these days for old times
girl: actually I agree :)
me: so are you living there in X area. what's your number?
girl: yeah... where do you live?
me: oh I moved to X area
girl: wow that's very far
me: not really, it's only a 10 min drive from where I was
girl: cool
me: yeah... just let me know whenever you wanted to hang out. you might use a break lol
girl: alrighty then sounds great!

she ignored me when I asked for her number, what was that all about it felt so weird?



Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok, I will summarize succinctly thus:

    If I take the labels off the lines of conversation, I am completely unable to tell which lines are the girl's and which lines are the boy's.

    Cannot tell, at all.

    That is a one-paragraph summary of the core problem here.

    (I also think being on FB puts you at a disadvantage to begin with, because FB is girly. Like, the entire premise of FB is pretty girly, if you think about it. But, that's neither here nor there, for the purposes of this discussion.)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe she felt like you were going too fast? I don't know, to be honest, I don't see anything wrong with the conversation.
    I agree with the other guy. Her attitude seemed to change when you asked where she lives and her number, see how she didn't use emojis anymore?
    I don't know what she was expecting from that conversation, but you gave her something she wasn't looking for.


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  • I guess she just didn't want to give you her number

    • why so if we where friends some time ago?

What Guys Said 3

  • You lost it here :
    "yeah... just let me know whenever you wanted to hang out. you might use a break lol"

    You took a passive stance. You need to make it clear that you're going to call her and why you're going to call her. What you basically did was the FB equivalent of handing a girl your number.

    • so my intentions were not clear?

    • Gotta use a more active tone. Tell her what you're going to do don't ask her what she wants. Keep the ball in your court. There's no challenge left for her if she has to contact you, make the plans, and makes all the decisions.

  • I can't decipher any hidden messages.

    The conversation seemed to take a turn when you asked her if she still lived at X and what her number is. I don't see what is wrong with asking that, seeing as you are old pals. Maybe she felt that you were trying to hit on her.

    • yes she avoided me when I asked her number but I don't know why she did thought I did something wrong?

  • Conversation seems alright.

    Some people are like deer though, the slightest bit of startle and they are off like a shot. Asking her for her number might have been the catalyst here.