Should I pay for a transmission swap, or wait until I graduate to buy a new manual transmission vehicle?

I want a manual transmission veichle, and the one I currently drive is an automatic. Should I save up and pay for a transmission swap or wait until I finish college to buy a brand new manual transmission veichle?

Current car:
-Less than 60,000 miles

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  • Keep saving and buy a brand new veichle after graduating
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  • I voted transmission swap but my real answer is if the cost of a tramission swap is less the the cost of a manual transmission car that you like minus the price you would get from selling your current car then do that but I would go with the cheaper option to fill your desires.

    • I'm also considering saving up around $7,000 and buying a used manual car, then eventually buying a brand new car down the road.

    • Well money is a funny thing cars are depreciating assets so if it's worth it to get out of your present car now to get something you really want I'd say that's a good thing in the now especially if both your cars will be providing the same function. Redundancy is a wasste of money. Just my two cents.

  • Do neither. Keep the transmission in the Subaru. Either of your other choices will not be worth it in the long run. The alternative is to sell your car and get another one with a stick.

    • I was thinking of waiting until I graduate and using it as a trade in. Or even just working during the summers and saving up enough to buy a manual vehicle in pretty goof condition.

  • Swapping transmissions is extremely expensive or very difficult, you'll be far better off to sell the car and buy one with a standard. Manual conversions are not worth it in most cases.