Could I be sugar/ carb senstivie?

I was just wondering because a few hours ago, I had a few dark chocolate nuggets, but then a couple of hours after that I ate two more and I started having this funny feeling in my legs. it's kind of still there but not as bad as it was. This doesn't happen often, and it only depends on how much sugar/carbs I consume. I'm staring to feel like I have an intolerence to it. I also have multiple sclerosis, so I think this might have something to do with it.


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  • I'm not sure if it's related. I do know that if you have a high blood sugar level that it can cause you to have the shakes and have blackouts.

    • Nah, I've never experienced that before. It's only this feeling that I have in my legs whenever I eat too many things that contain sugar.

    • I don't know. Maybe just go to the doctor just to see what's up and I would lay off the sugar.

    • Oh, trust me, I am ! There's actually this test I found online to see if you are sugar intolerant. It said that if you cut out all kinds of sugar and your symptoms disappear, there's a high chance that you have sugar intolerance. It makes sense to me because yesterday all I had that contained carbs/sugar was cereal. The rest of the day I had egg salad with celery and mustard with a touch of mayo and a little bit of curry powder. I felt so good after I ate that. For dinner I had a few pieces of fish with some veggies. Today I had less than a hand full of blueberries on the side of some boiled eggs, and after a long time in the store I ate some dark chocolate nuggets with some sardines, no crackers, only a little bit of mayo for dipping. But then a couple of hours later I ate two more chocolate nuggets and that's when I started feeling funny in my legs. So now I don't even think that I will be eating choc. nuggets in the future lol

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