What's a nice way to ask a guy out on a friendly get-to-gether?

Like I don't want it to be a date-date because that's risky. Just sort of like a friendly way to go someplace together like the movies.

But I'm not really sure how to bring the topic up.


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  • Do this - it will always work:
    Just talk to him at first, but, later in the conversation, let him know of some problem you have (it doesn't have to be a real problem), but it has to be the kind of problem he can fix for you and where you are both together as he fixes it. He will likely offer to come over and fix it. However, you can also make an offer to him - if he comes over and fixes it, then you will make him dinner or something that will 1) make it worth his while and 2) will involve both of you. So, when he is actually with you doing whatever fixing is necessary, that is the date that is not a date. It's definitely a way to have one-on-one time and get to know each other. Before the fixing "date" is over, if you like the guy, then hint at a future date. (That could be the reward for doing the fixing.)

    I actually did this in 1990 and met the woman I wanted to marry and we dated for 17 months until she ripped my heart out and left me for ruin.

    Watch this episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and watch what Debra does... She uses this classic technique.


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  • "I'd really like to see The Martian again and it's playing at the dollar theater. You wanna go? Hang out and have some nachos? Chalupas?"

    It's all in the attitude.

    Just be advised that it is very, very unlikely that sex with you will not cross his mind.

    • I don't really think so. He knows I am very conservative in real life

    • If you mean that you don't think sex will cross his mind? Hehe. Your being conservative has absolutely no bearing on it. :) Just fyi.

  • "Would you like to go out and do something as friends?"

    • That's too bold.

      Maybe something like... there's this movie I wanted to see. If you're ever in town maybe we can catch it together.

    • Whatever, make it difficult have fun wit that

  • Do some project or something and ask for his help and invite him over.

  • Kind of the same way you'd want to be asked out. The best way for men to ask a woman out, is of course being himself butttt, also, you want to get her to the point of saying yes, meaning like if you're asking them to do something and you're needing their number, to get in contact with them about it, you need to have your phone out, ready and set for them to enter their number in. You never want to give them even a CHANCE to say no. It's not being forceful, it's called being assertive. So, if you're wanting to go to a movie, just say "we should go see deadpool, let me get your number so we can do that, then immediately hand him your phone, with the screen set up so he can just enter it"

    That's how it should be done


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