Im almost constantly in a bad mood?

So when I moved in August last year I did have high hopes about meeting people and making friends after a quite shitty and lonely semester in another city earlier that year.

I did manage to make friends, but not necessarly my kind of people and we aren't super close friends either. I have become so extremly cynical and my self esteem has dropped a lot and im often in a bad mood. It doesn't help that my sister, whom im in contact with everyday, has it completely oposit, and is having the time of her life.

Its only my problem, but I can't help but compare us. Im after all the older sister, so I guess I but a pressure on myself to have evolved socially better than her, and since I haven't I feel inferior in a way.

Im so tired if being sad and angry and frustrated about my life, but I dont know how to deal with it, where to start.. so any advice?


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  • Well first you need to try and be more positive. It's all about how you perceive things and not necessarily the circumstance you are in. You just have to change your perspective to see things in a better light.

    Yes it's important to see that you might be in a bad situation but you don't need to be overly negative about it. Look at all the positive things you do have and what positive steps you can make to go in the right direction.

    You are going to make better decisions and make life a lot easier if you hold on to positive things and work from them. If you are miserable and down all the time, then it's difficult to get any motivation or determination for anything.

    No matter how negative a situation might be there is always something positive from it which you can learn from. For example, you have a sister which you mentioned is doing better than you is having the time of her life. You should be happy for her and smile about the fact that your little sis is doing good. That's motivation for you to do the same and find something special of your own. Just try to change your mindset and move in a better direction in life.

    • I understand. . And im very happy for my sister. Its bittersweet, im so happy for her, but its a constant reminder of what I dont have... im trying to stay positiv, and im moving again and study something im really interested in, so I know its light in the end if the tunnel.. but I dont want to sit and wait for good things to happen,.. I want to be happy today if that makes sense

    • I know what you mean. Just try to stay positive and keep moving forward and looking forward to the future.

  • You need to lighten up! You're a woman. Sounds like you'll make some lucky man absolutely miserable. He'll be your dutiful provider, and you'll be his ball and chain. It's all perfectly normal!


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