You live in a household of 5 people. it's the middle of the winter, 3 of you like the cold but, the other 2 are very uncomfortable. what do you do?

imagine/pretend heat is included in your rent/mortgage.

  • turn the heat off.
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  • turn the heat down. find a temperature you are all willing to compromise on.
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  • leave the heat up. put on lighter clothing.
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  • leave the heat up. open your bedroom window.
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  • other. EXPLAIN BELOW
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  • Been in that situation. I bought the person who couldn't tolerate the cold as much a heated throw and that helped a lot and saved on the energy bill.

    • I said imagine the heat is included. what would you do then?

      my issue is that the heat is included here. I hate being cold and while I have a space heater, it only beats a tiny area and is uncomfortable. I just think it's seriously selfish to make people freeze when the others have much simpler solutions.

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    • Being practical is not being ignorant. I don't see the point in dealing with hypotheticals when trying to deal with a real problem.

      "constantly feeling sick and cold to save is just stupid. it makes more sense for the ones who like being cold to find other ways to cool down."

      There's a limit as to how much someone can cool down. You can heat a place up to a point where someone might have to literally strip naked and it still might not be enough.
      And no where did I suggest anyone should have to put up being cold or sick. I told you what I did for a relative to help her. You can either take the advice or not. I don't really care. I'm not going argue with anyone who asks for advice then dismisses it. It seems like you are having more of an interpersonal conflict with whoever you have to live with which extends beyond this hot/cold issue. I hope you are able to work things out.

    • it's much easier to find d way to cool down than it is to warm up, beyond confining yourself to bed all day.

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  • I absolutely could not be living in a house that has the heat on to anything about 72 (and that is pushing it, my ideal would probably be 65-69 degrees).

    There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling like you're boiling from the inside out... feel super stifling hot and uncomfortable. And I like to dress in pants and shirts and a sweatshirt in the colder months, and am quite unwilling to change that habit.

    I'd rather be freezing my butt off than be super hot.

    Obviously people should be meeting somewhere in the middle. What degree is the thermostat at anyways?

    And, I like how you say it's ignorant and selfish for the 3 people (majority rule) to have the heat low/off just because you can't get your way. You wouldn't be saying that if it was your way and the other people were really hot.

    And no, it is not easier to cool off than it is to stay warm. There are plenty of things you can do, like dress in layers, and buy a better space heater and have an electric blanket at night or when lounging around the house.

    What exactly can a person that is unbearably hot do? Wear less clothes and still feel really hot? Both sides have fair arguments and in this case majority rules, which sucks for you.


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  • Buy my own mini electric heater or two if necessary.

    This is precisely why the hell I would never move into a house with 5 people lol

    • they suck.

      and I'm poor. :'( as soon as I can afford to, I'm moving out

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    • and you suggested one to me! geez what did I ever do to you :'(

    • LOL that's a rare case and it was probably a bootleg electric blanket from the dollar tree or something

  • The ones who don't like the cooler temps can wear an extra sweater & put an electric blanket on their bed.