Is it possible to have some kind of intuition or instinctive feelings with just one person?

Is it possible to have some kind of intuition or instinctive feelings with just one person?

Ok so I have been liking this shy guy for 2 years. Anyway, he's the only person ever in my life that this has happened with and it's happened 3 times! The first time it happened, we were supposed to be somewhere at school and this random feeling came over me and was telling me that my crush was going to be there. When I come downstairs he's right there! Then another time, the day after we texted on fb for the first time, I was going to school and the same feeling came over me and told me I was going to see him before my first class and I did! Then the last time, my friend Adler him something on her own about a relationship with me, and I had the dame feeling telling me he thought I wanted to go out with him. Sure enough when I asked him, he confirmed what my instinct told him. Then from day 1, I've always had the feeling he likes me but that has yet to be confirmed or denied by him. But anyway with the other three instances, is it possible to have that kind of insight on one person? It's just with him and no one else, it's kind of freaky lol.


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  • yes it is possible, because you have feelings for this person. i bet you can also do this with others just you have not learned how to. it takes practice and opens you up to a lot of emotional garbage from others. so be careful

    • So answer me this if you don't mind. I'd like to know what you think. He seems to have some sort of connection to me too. Like it's time we'd be at a school function and he doesn't know I'm around and he'll look right at me. Like he was turned around with his back facing me and he was far way and I happened to look over and see him and he just turned around and looked right at me like he knew I was around or that I was looking at him. He didn't see me at all before then. And then there was another time, I was walking my friend to her bus and he's walking and he didn't see me this time either and he just randomly turned around and looked at me. It's like he has this sense of when I'm around him or nearby. What's up with that?

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    • you welcome and i hope everything works out for the both of you

    • I hope it does too only time will tell.

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