Do you believe in "Knighthood" in this century? If yes, what it does mean for you?


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  • In uneducated wrong hands without common sense 'Knighthood' can be destructive for the people. Firstly, the real and deep meaning of it must be understood very well, in this case knighthood is 'The Knighthood' and helpful.

    • Yes. I mean classic values. Not only the Codex of Knighthood but with common sense what is right and what is wrong.

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  • Yes, Knighthood is when the government officially recognizes and congratulates one on his or her honour. Honour is the most important virtue in humans, however, many of us have forgotten it.

    • Yes. Its Holy truth. Its forgotten honour unfortunatelly. Do you think that only Gov can do it?

    • Well any ruling force ( monarchy or government, ect)

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  • Considering what the Knights of old actually were no. Any person that claims lordship over another should be put to death.

    • Hard oponion. Thank you. Knighthood like itself is here presented like old fashion custon=m and codex. Protect weak, help the poor etc but togetehr with it protect own country, belief and values.

    • Live off the backs of the poor, protect the social order, oppress the poor, license to kill the poor, primanachty, force the poor to fight for you.

    • The Samurai were the same.

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