Will I be seen as an Alpha GaG bro if I associate myself to the alpha men of gag, the crew bros? Will I get GaG girl crushing on me?

  • hey baby, i like u the way you are. just kidding i dont.
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  • hey baby, i like u
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  • Most GaG girls aren't the type you want crushing on you anyways. Many are fat and/or desperate. The good ones don't spend much time here so...

    Basically, be savage as fuxk and you ARE alpha, BREH.

    (Being yourself attracts the right girls, don't follow anyone).


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  • Alpha men never use the word alpha, nor do they worry about seeming alpha. They let their actions demonstrate that they are an alpha. Guys that go around using the word alpha and talking about being an alpha are really just fronting.

    • ok so how can i be seen as an alpha gager bro?

  • Hey baby I like you. Yes homo ;)

  • @polocrew takes a course "How to become alpha in 7 days" for a mere fee of $69
    You should enroll yourself in it.

    Gag girls open their e-vaginas for alpha guys.

    • I don't know mane.. you come off as a bit of scammy scammer only after my cash.

    • No one scams when the price money is a holy figure of $69
      Trust the alphas

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