How many times have you checked out a movie from the library only to find out disc won't play because of scratches?

I went to the local library to check out a new movie "San Andreas" and I bring it home and half hour in, the movie gets stuck.

Like what? People think because they get to watch movies for free they can treat the disc like shit and ruin it for fucking everybody? Like what, after watching the movie they do cocaine off of it and then slash it with a knife and then go back to the library the next day and be all like "Hey, thanks for the free movie, here's the disc back" I'm so fucking heated right now its unbelievable.


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  • Umm... I didn't even know people still borrowed movies from libraries... Hell, I didn't know people still went to libraries!
    I guess it's a good thing, I'm happy to hear... I'm a former library patron (it's been a longggg time), but what about Netflix, Amazon Video / Prime, or Hulu? Less than $10 a month and you can watch movies and TV shows 24/7 and never run out. And you never get scratched discs!

  • Lol I don't think cokeheads are going to the library. Anyway, It's really lame that some people are able borrow in good faith only to treat that like shit.

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