My mom is jealous of me and it has made me depressed, I don't know who to trust?

I can't tell my dad because he will defend her no matter what and won't admit she had a major jealousy issues with me. It's painful. I also have a older sister who she praises, I feel unloved.


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  • What is it about you, that she is jealous about?


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  • Before psychologists and neurophysiologist gotten involved defining this and defining that, the adage of Sigmund Freud was depression is anger turned against yourself. That's means anger turned inward and that is still the best definition especially in your case. You are pistol off at your mom for acting the way she does and you have no control over it and you cannot lash out at your mom because she is your mom. You are psychologically trapped. So you turn the anger against yourself and that's depression. Understanding that is a very powerful tool to getting better. It is not you it is her. I don't care why she's jealous of you the fact is that she is jealous of you. It's probably your locks but again I really don't care. Understanding the entire process will help relieve you of depression. Now what can you do about it. First of all understand that you're angry at your mother and accept it. After you've done that the best thing is to confront your mother and I would do it in front of the entire family. Because your mother will deny it but you can't deny it in front of the entire family. And here's how I would do gather around the close family and say something like this. "Mom I'm very upset and actually depressed over an issue that as a family we have to bring out in the open. I know that you have issues with me and they involve jealousy. Not don't stop me let me finish what I want to say you are jealous of me because I am-------------- fill in the blank================= now you can deny it all you want but I think a lot of the family already knows. I love you mom and I don't want this to become an issue between us that destroys our relationship. There is no need to be jealous of me and I'll tell you why. You have more experience than I do you are wiser than I am. You really have it all over me and the fact that I'm younger is the only reason why I look better than you or him more attractive than you but your hot stuff. I cannot help the fact that I'm younger. We are not in competition I owe so much to you because of you. I want to be friends I don't want this animosity to continue. Is there anything I can do to make this situation better?"
    the rest of the family will agree or disagree perhaps your mother will not say a word. It doesn't matter. You got it out you expressed your feelings that will help you whether it helps your mother doesn't matter whether it calms the situation doesn't matter you are the one getting better

    • Thank you for the advice, but I have done this and she went crazy! And scared the top of her lungs saying I was sick and that I might as well call her a child molester. I have tried praising her and buying her gift but it don't help. Her new thing is to praise my sister and niece in a way that she thinks will make me jealous of them. I just think she is seriously a mental sicko

    • *screamed

    • That is even more reason why you should not be depressed. How can you be angry at someone who's a real psycho.