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Ok so I'm in college right I live in a triple. One of my roommates invited his friend to stay in our room without consulting with the rest of us he just showed up one night like is this such and such room? I'm like sure yeah. he had his bags but I thought it was for the night , come to find out. He cheated on his girlfriend who he was staying with in her apt for free. Now to me this sounds like the dumbest shit ever because I'm paying for my room in loans like my roommates this guy didn't have to pay for shit but maybe his classes and a meal plan ok. You cheat on your girlfriend who you stay with for free? He ruined something good for one night smh like he just keeps saying oh we weren't even really together but they slept in the same bed still you can't tell me you weren't having sex with her. So his argument doesn't make sense as to why he slept with another girl. I get that he has nowhere to go but that's not my fault he can stay for awhile but he has to find a permanent place or go make up with his girl IDC. Am I wrong or fucked up for thinking this way?

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  • I laughed so hard reading this. Haha. Thank you. And nah. He a freeloading motherfucka.

    • He's cleaned up and stuff but still he doesn't have to pay any loans for it , but why'd you laugh? Lol

    • You have great imagery with your words. When I pictured some random guy with bags in hand just like "bruh I stay here ok" I lost it.

    • Lmao ahh I got you , but shit he didn't even say that. Most of my roommates friends stay over so I thought it was like that not this guy moving in tf

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  • I believe cheating can happen to anyone, despite almost everyone on GaG being so convinced of their superior morality and being so morally righteous. I have never cheated so far but how could I ever say for sure what's gonna happen to me in a few years. Maybe there's gonna be some crazy situation that I just can't anticipate. That's why I try to be careful when judging people who have cheated.

    However, where I do agree with you is that your roommate should definitely have asked you for consent and that this other guy can't stay at your place. He has to find his own place. It's unfair and frankly very impolite to just settle down in your room like that. Also, I wonder why he did live at his girlfriend's apartment for free. That sounds kinda lame too. I mean, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and you live together with him/her, isn't it self-understanding to pay half of the rent?

    • Nope I dont agree bro cheating is a choice I've never cheated on anyone before. The most that's ever done is I see a hot girl and I'm lok I'll tear that up. But never would I cheat because I think about how id feel so I know that ill never cheat. I won't put my self in a position to cheat... but I see nothing wrong with living with a significant other for free it was her apt and she let him live their for free. I hear guys and girls doing that for their lovers all the time but he's an ass for fucking up something good like that but yeah my roommate is a inconsiderate prick. Often times he thinks of others but the majority of the time he thinks of only himself and his friends.

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    • Well, if you're in a long relationship, your sex life usually becomes a little more dull. That's not anybody's fault, it's just natural and normal. It happens to pretty much any couple (to some it happens more, to others a little less). If you've been together for 20 or 25 years, it's normal to not feel quite as firy for each other anymore. And especially women's libido tends to decrease a lot in this situation - even more so after the menopause. So imagine you're in this marriage with a woman you love very, very much but sex just doesn't really work anymore. Your wife just isn't up for it anymore. She's fine with having it once a month or once in two month and doesn't really approach you anymore. This can create friction in a relationship and fights only lead to even less sex. Young people might find it hard to empahsize with this but it happens to many older couples. Being a guy myself, I can understand any husband who feels sexually frustrated in such a situation but

    • also doesn't want to give up everything, the kids, the marriage that is happy in many other aspects, the stable life... etc.

  • You have a valid point for being mad and wanting out instead of staying in your cramped space

    • I'm too old for shit like this people don't even have communication skills to say oh hey my friend needs a place to stay is that ok? I'm getting an apt next semester fuck it lol

    • Well I hope everything turned out ok for you

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