Do boys feel like protecting little girls?

I always notice that boys look at me differently than they do other girls.

I have this little girl delicate look with big eyes and long hair and soft pink lips.

I sometimes wish boys would stop with all the competitiveness about being 'smart' and all that. Just come give girls some love and girls will give back some love too.


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  • Yeah. Look up "neoteny." Sounds like you have a lot of it. It's why everyone protects babies, for example.

    • But I have long legs, and am not that short.

      I do have a big head though lol with the above mentioned features.

      So boys think I'm pretty in a middle school type of way?

    • Kind of, but I wouldn't call it a middle school kind of way. And it's definitely not a "creepy" kind of thing. I dunno, there are (in my experience) 2 kinds of physical attractiveness when it comes to a girl's face - there's "cute" and there's... whatever you'd call a runway model's face. Both can be drop-dead gorgeous, and neither is necessarily better.

      But "cute" is the one that has the neoteny thing going on, that will automatically trigger protectiveness in other people. The fact that you're a female is enough for just about any guy anyway, but more so with that kind of face. This make any sense?

  • Yeah i would protect any girl in my family (mum, sister, cousin etc) in a instance. If a girl was getting assaulted i would step in. If two girls were fighting I'd try and break it up. Most girls are too delicate but some i honestly don't care for.

    • I noticed you didn't say crush/girlfriend in your answer.

    • Well i haven't got a girlfriend or crush atm. But of course I'd protect them too. Honestly i would teach my next girl how to fight too if she already can't.

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  • If someone love's you regardless they'll protect you. It can be your mom, your cousin, your friend etc. Guy's have this knight on white horse save the damsel complex thing going on lol. It make's them feel like superman or David (David vs Goliath) uk like you can look up to him when ur fearful and they'll be there. It's an unconscious "MINE" thing as well. They're wired to be protective. As long as it's not a jealous overbearing way. I think I can handle myself, but once I was having a bit of trouble with a random person and my friend's guy friend jetted over without knowing or ever speaking.. heck even seeing me actually and handled the situation. It was different and I liked it a lot. by the way men and women will never stop being competitive when it come's to the opposite sex. Women are more conniving to me when it's come's to competition... Men it's more about feeding their ego's I think they can take a loss better... well are better at hiding it.