How could I find out who's trolling me?

So, a lil' kiddo is trolling me since last week. One thing is sure about him/her. He/she is from my school. That person in the texts insisted too much on my name and whenever he/she called, it was just a beep to get my attention. I tried to call that person back today on my mom's phone and he/she didn't answer (at least to find out the person's sex).
What can I do to find out who's this person?

Thanks GaG for all the help...


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  • Search on Facebook the phone number


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  • Did you search the number online to see if it gives you information on the phone's owner?

    • I have tried with Truecaller, but nothing.
      I think the information I could recieve with such an app is something I already know.
      The person texted me in sh*tty Romanian and spelled correctly a mentally ill girl's name from my school, so he/she is clearly from my school.

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    • Thank you! ✊

    • You're welcome! Good luck!

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  • Or you can simply block the caller and not waste your time with kids.

    • True that, but I'm curious.
      Since it's not even an aggresive troll, so it's not like it's annoying me in any way.

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