Are some guys naturally "protecters"?

So I met a couple of guys at an after-party And earlier the same night I had met this other guy Who I brought with me.

One of the guys that I met at the after party told me that he though that me and it her guys were a couple at first. He was actually the second person to ask if we were girlfriend and boyfriend.

The guy that I brought with me stayed at the after party until 8 am along with me and my sister. And this other guy (Who i met at the after party ) kept saying stuff like the other guy (the one I brought there ) was a "protecter " and that he cares about me and asked what I "did" to him since he was still there. He also said that he though we go far back and that it looked like we had know eachother for years. He kept saying "protecter " a lot

So is that a thing? Or was he Just saying a lot of shit? It sounded like he was lying lol


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  • The white knight is a real thing in men, but its more likely guys was bullshitting conversation to keep talking to you.

    • Yeah, thats what I was thinking.. even when I said "he is just here to get some pussy" he was like "no, its not that, he is protecting you". He even called me insightful like a hundred times, I even told him to cut the crap, but he was like "no, im serious" etc

    • Poor guy, dont hold it against him. He is just young and stupid

    • Im not, doubt i'll ever meet him again

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