What is a good way to ask a girl to homecoming with Chick fil a and pirates booty?

I need a clever way, I was thinking something alone the lines of "your the only chink who's booty I wanna take to homecoming" but I need something that flows a little bit better


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  • First of all, it's "you're". "Your" is possessive; "your house", "your money", "your car", etc. "You're" is a contraction of "you are"; "you're funny", "you're pretty", "you're smart", etc. Please ask your English teachers to be pay closer attention to your class' papers with this one.

    Second, don't call her a "chick". And ESPECIALLY don't call her a... very derogatory slang term for people from China...

    And third, scrap the idea completely. There are other, better, and more mature ways to ask a girl to homecoming. Give her a box of candy with a note that says "homecoming?" on it. Or flowers. Write her a poem that ends with you asking her to homecoming. I talked with a girl here a few years ago who ordered a pizza and spelled out "prom?" with M&Ms or something like that (I don't remember how exactly she made it work, but she did). Cute stuff like that is fine. But this? No.

  • Hahahaha, sorry that's only hilarious. Is this how kids speak nowadays? I though it was bad when I went to school, now it's way off the mark

    • that didn't help

    • your question doesn't make sense, that's why I can't help you