Whats the purpose of life?

i hate to sound negative, but honestly whats the purpose? in the end we die and it doesn't matter what we did in our lives. you're gone and you dont remember shit. maybe i think this way bc i can't seem to figure out what to do in my life or maybe bc i can't figure out what to do in my life IS why i think this way. im turning 20 in a few days and I've taken a couple classes at a community college and have worked up to 3 jobs trying to pay rent before being forced to move back to my parents. im clueless about everything and maybe I've just given up? I've never dont well in school. in high school I always got C's or D's and never thought about my future. now im stressed more than ever. i can't even bring myself to last in a relationship. i'll prob be single forever, which i really dont mind. im not into being in relationships. everyone around me makes it seem like i have it easy. yes i have my parents support in anything i do and they push me to get ahead in life but its hard when you have no motivation and you can't even get good grades bc you've never paid attention in school. and then other people think that you have no heart bc you're blunt about everything and sound like a bitter cat lady who hates love and anyone that approaches me. (but i guess its true. i can be pretty rude at times) i tend to overthink everything and im so lost about everything that im questioning my own existence. im like a waste of human honestly. i know no one sees it like that bc they think im a smart young lady that gets whatever she wants and gets hit on all the time bc im so sweet but sneaky and when i tell people whats going on in my head they just say im being a drama queen. ugh i really just wanted to vent. thanks


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  • From my own prospective , knowing god is the purpose I was agnostic in some part if my life now I am relgious but true not false relgious now I fuqured what's the purpose of life which is knowing god

    • i was raised in a family that believes in god bc my dad was raised in a church & my grandpa is a pastor. so naturally i believed too and prayed all the time and would converse with god throughout my day but some years ago i gave up on that. i think some part of me still believes there's someone watching over us but not enough to pray to god about anything or stop myself from doing unfaithful things. i tried again but i didn't feel anything

    • Let's say your phone is on the desk and you're on the bed if you prayed god that he brings you this phone without you moving or someone get it to you will he reply your answers? Heck no

      Doubt everything and gather then in questions

      Make those questions clear
      And ask them to everyone even if you see this other person is stupid

      And read in all science and religion

      It will take years

      But then you will only find truth

  • The point of life is to procreate and be happy.

    Or in other words, have lots of sex and enjoy it.


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  • Religion gives me my purpose.
    My purpose in life is to worship God, develop my character/improve my behavior, etc.

    To be righteous /humble simply put.