Do you agree people who are in their 20s now are less intelligent than people who they were in their 20s in 70s 80s or 90s?

Oh yeah... all I see from people in their 20s nowdays... it's they upload stupid silly pics in their instagrams or some short stupid videos in their Vines... disgusting... can't be taken seriously... only reason I can use instagram or those other Social Media's to stalk their profiles and jerk off wid their pics hahahaha...

Sometimes I believe I must've been a really really bad person in ma previous life in order to be so unlucky to be in ma 20s NOW... fuck it... I have NOTHING in common wid 'em... I should've been born 30-35 years ago or so I believe...

People in their 20s from previous decades... they were far more serious... they didn't have "Like us" "Share us" and crap like dat...

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  • I think that there have been stupid people trough all times. Just because you are able to see them more now does not mean that they wheren't there before. And there is no parallel between being smart and being serious. I know a lot of people that are serious, educated and really, really dumb, just like a know a lot of "party-instagram-girls" that are among the smartest and most educated people I know. Just because you feel you don't have anything incommon with people your age does justify you calling them less intellegent.

    • Yes I have zero thangs in common wid fucking millenials and I'm really proud about it...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Kids are spoiled today. And yea, the social media is all pretty much BS. But I don't see any reason why they are less intelligent. If anything they are more intelligent. However, I don't think they know what to do with it, and how to apply what they know. They somehow seem to think that things in life magically happen simply by existing, or by getting a degree. They don't want to work for it.

    You mentioned people in their 20s during the 70s. Well that's me. If you think they were more serious than today then you have no idea what went on in the 70s. There is no possible way for you to really grasp it, unless you lived it. The 70s is a perfect example of virtually an entire generation fucking up their lives. It was the exact opposite of serious. People in their 20s today are FAR more serious than we were in the 70s. Too serious in my opinion.

    The drug use back then was through the roof. College dropout rates were extremely high because everyone was far more interested in drugs than school. In my dorm it smelled like pot every day by noon. I never once heard the words "study" or homework". I'm serious, I never heard anyone in the dorm mention studying or homework.

    "Drugs Sex and Rock-n-Roll" came from the 70s. Oh yea, we took that part seriously. It was party time 24/7 - at the expense of everything else in our lives. People didn't begin to settle down and start getting their shit together until the 80s. By then everyone was burned out on drugs and excessive partying. They either had to quit, end up in a mental institution, or die.

    Then a little thing called AIDS came along in the 80s, and made everyone take a second look at the uncontrolled sex. Suddenly people realized, hey that shit is deadly! That person they just screwed in the back of the van in the club parking lot might have just killed them. It was a real eye opener.

    I can't even count the number of lives that were ruined or lost because of the excesses during the 70s. Now THAT was stupid. Virtually everyone from my generation looks back and knows it was stupid. We might sometimes talk about "the good old days", but we all know the reality of how bad things were and how many lives got fucked up from it. We might not normally talk about that side of it, but we all know it. Some of those people are still fucked up from the excesses back then. Some ruined their entire life because of it. A lot didn't live through it. Oh yea, we were smart to fuck up our lives so badly.

    • - Yeah I remember u from a previous Take I posted... I really wish I was a baby boomer as well... after all I think I belong to dat generation more mentally...
      - Well by serious I don't mean some fucked up weirdo who studies 24/7... actually those who study are jsut pawns in ma opinion... they're just ass kissers... and if someone does drugs its not a problem as long as he/she knows wot he/she's doing... I drink often as well... which counts as a drug... it's just only legal...
      - And nowdays we see way too many people -especially females- despising sex before marriage... I know unprotected sex wasn't best... but fuck being sexophobic's even worse...
      - Have u ever noticed a health-freakness rising up in our days? How many young people mention da word "unhealthy"? I've seen many examples here like "Fries are unhealthy"..."Cigarettes are unhealthy"... eh fuck 'em all... for me such people are not serious... dat's how I define dat word personally...

    • And of course internet fucked up young people... especially introverts... introverts were supposed to grow out of their shells... now they just found Internet as a getaway and they think they became sociable thanks to it... ridiculous,.. just ridiculous...

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  • you don't seem any more mature than them, given the way you speak...


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  • I think you're confusing two things. People nowadays are not more stupid (this is something you'd actually have to prove scientifically and I very much doubt you'd succeed) but society in general is probably more superficial. That doesn't just include young people but older people as well. I know several people in their 40s and 50s who post silly comments on Facebook.
    But I know what you mean. I'm not a fan of social media either (which is why I strictly boycott it!). It's not something I think we need or something that makes society better in any way.

    • Then why social media still exist?

    • Social media is not per se stupid. It's just kinda superficial and many people like superficial stuff.