Advice from anyone experienced with car accidents? Trying to settle it privately?

We were at a red light and I very slowly bumped another car in the back. There was no damage and she said she wouldn't come after me so we left the scene. A few days later, she wants $200 now because she said her bumper got "pushed in" and the next time someone rear ends her, it's gonna fall off or something like that, complete bs but whatever.

Anyways, I'm at fault here and she has the upper hand. She can literally say anything about the rear of the car and blame it on me couldn't she? I noticed she had some marks on the back of her car (not related to our incident) and she could pin it on me if she wanted to, right?

Do I even try to go determine whether our crash caused any damage by taking it to a repair shop? Or just pay $200? How do I protect myself so she can't keep coming after me or my insurance for whatever reason, a release of claims?

PS my license was expired at the time I was driving.


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  • if she were to make claims then the proper authorities will have to investigate said claims to prove they are correct. they won't just blindly listen to her and come after you.

    if you really just slowly bumped her rear bumper, there is no way its on the verge of falling out, most likely.

    I'd get some legit legal advice for free if you can, just internet search some firms that specialize in traffic collisions, and get as much information as you can out of them, they can be very resourceful free of cost.

    • my license was/is still experienced. She can use that against me yeah?

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    • expired*

    • driving on an expired license is illegal.

      however, that would be for another case at another time, she can't just draw you in and be like, "well his license was expired too, so fuck him over for that as well!"

      they stick to the main case, which is you rear ending her bumper. but they won't overlook your expired license either. again, another case at another time.

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  • It's just $200.

    This is why you're supposed to share insurance information and let them handle it and also why you're supposed to call the police to the scene no matter what. Why didn't you do that?

    • Insurance rates go up if you report it. I guess she was trying to do me a favor. She said she wants 200 or she will go to the insurance

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    • I don't think you need to worry about that.

    • I definitely worry about that, this woman seems 2 faced as hell. These were her exact words at the day of the incident "Don't worry, I'm not coming after you and I'm not one of those people who say they won't come after you but still do"

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