What did my dream mean?

i was camping in my dream and i felt sad and tried to commit suicide. i took a knife/machete and began to cut my throat to behead myself. then some guy stopped me and i was left with my head and neck painfully burning and half cut. This was extremely disturbing after i woke up. my head wasn't bleeding but i could see pink in it, ugh plus i did try to finish the job but i couldnt find my knife/machete after cuz i found out in the dream the guy took my weapon.


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  • Are you suicidal in real life or was it just a nightmare type thing? If you aren't, I wouldn't worry about it, but I can see why you'd wake up disturbed. That's a horrible dream, dreams can mean anything. I've had a lot of random dreams, nothing like that, but definitely some weird ones that made no sense.

    • yes i have tried to commit suicide. I do have suicidal thoughts everyday

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    • Well it does help to believe in something. I have some friends that don't exactly believe in God, but they do believe in some kind of higher power. Or even just believing you aren't meant for something helps. Because you are, and don't hate yourself.

    • Thanks for MHO! :P

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  • Must have been a knife, a machete would have cut your head clean off lol. Seriously though, dreams in my opinion don't really mean anything. Just the mind at work while asleep.

    • well man i dont know much about weapons like that. it was just a huge knife

    • That was just a joke.. Did you take the rest of my response into consideration?

    • yeah i did but i am seriously scared of being beheaded

  • Umm
    Hey cutie
    Dreams are random tbh
    by the way you don't think about suicide in real life

  • Does it have to mean anything?

  • Maybe because you were upset not having a valitine today if don't happen to have one


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