Should I rush a Panhellenic sorority?

I'm really considering being in a sorority in college, but not one of the divine 9's. I have nothing against the NP sororities, but I want to be a Kappa Kappa Gamma, Tri Delta, or Zeta Tau Alpha. The only problem is I'm staying in the south, and both Universities I want to go to {Arkansas and Texas} are BIG on Greek life and I feel like I wouldn't get a bid at either of those schools because I'm black. Being born and raised in Texas, I know that there's lots diversity in our state, especially at UT, but I'm worried about U of A. I don't want the color of my skin to hinder me from doing what I want, but I just want to know, exactly how accepting are the white sororities of black girls? {especially if any of you go to school here in Texas or Arkansas or any southern state!}


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  • I'm in a sorority and when through standard sorority recruitment, but I don't go to school in the south. Sororities at my school are accepting of every race.

    • Do you like Greek life?

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    • its intimidating to talk to so many people and keep the conversations going without any awkward pauses.
      Also, don’t freak out if they start singing or chanting. It’ll be loud and kind of weird haha.

    • Omg this helped SO MUCH!! I will take note and definitely keep all of this in mind! Thank you so much!!!