Ever been refused a job because you have tattoos and piercings?

I apply for various types of jobs and get turned down the minute I mention my tattoos, particularly the customer facing roles.
They tell me it's because some customers will find it distasteful and be put off. Can't they just accept you for who you are and appreciate that not all people like the same things and share different opinions? Ever been refused a job because you have tattoos and piercings?
I think it's wrong that they label you as being rough or a thug.
That's just as bad as saying, well I don't like the look of you full stop so unfortunately your not suitable for this job.


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  • I've seen a mailman tatted from the neck down. I personally don't care. if I was hiring you for my business I might.

    tattoos and piercings are a personal choice. are we not to judge you based on your personal choices now?

    • Good question, I'd like to think that if I had all of the necessary skills and experience that job requires, hygienic, well presented and good personality and You would give me a fair chance anyway. No matter what my personal choices are.

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  • They could but that wouldn't be in their best interest as some people do find tattoos very distasteful and "trashy" even so they would lose business. Can't say I blame them for doing what is best for them as opposed to what is best for you. That's not saying anything bad about tattoos or piercings, I have visible tattoos as well and I have to cover them for work. I also have had to remove piercings. It sucks, but I understand their side of it. Try looking for jobs at places who are more accepting. I don't know what kind of work you do, many stores are more alternative and hire people with that look, many restaurants as well. Law enforcement or public safety hire those people as well. Good luck.

    • This is another reason why I want to try and get back into another warehouse because I'll be behind the scenes.
      I understand it from their point of view as well. It's a little hypocritical if you spot people already in their with tattoos and they turn you down for that reason. When I was a barista I had to take my piercings out for health and safety reasons obviously. I wouldn't want my lip stud falling off into the customers coffees.

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  • Dont hate the player, hate the game

    They assume you knew that when you got the tattoos and make your choice. Really if im hiring i wouldn't hire you either if your tattoos are visible and it makes perfect sense

    • But that's the point I'm making. I'm not excessively covered head to toe in tattoos. In fact most of mine aren't visible, unless I'm wearing a bikini. Which would be highly unlikely if I worked in a shop.
      I don't have tattoo sleeves either.

    • For front line jobs or even corporate life. Unless you are a known star in your respective field. There should be zero visibility. Even a little is too much

      You said most are not visible... so some are?

    • I've encountered many cashiers, police men/women and security guards with visible tattoos. They are deemed to be acceptable. Those are front line jobs.
      It depends on what I wear, if I wear a long sleeved top or a polo shirt then you can't see them. So are they visible when I'm at work? No.

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  • Nope not at all, I have a coupe visible tattoos and non visible ones with clothes and never have been turned down for a job because of them. As for piercings I took most of mine out before I turned 18 so thats not an issue.

  • Multiple times in college because I refused to take out my nose ring. Wutever, I got the job that really matters in the end. :)

    • Good for you. I love a happy ending. 😊

    • Thanks! :D You can totally hide your tattoos depending on where they are! You just have to get creative! One of my best friends has a tattoo on the back of her neck, a sleeve on her arm, and tattoos on her foot/ankle. She's creative with how she styles her hair, wears cardis, will wear cute tights/socks in a quirky way to hide her foot/ankle tattolery.

    • Yeah I get told to hide them if I'm lucky enough to get past the interview. It's finding those places that won't bother with them. I still think it's kinda crap that you can't always show them off. It's a shame that we've got to hide our works of art. Most of mine are on my back, the biggest one is a snow leopard right in the middle. I have a tribal lily on the left side of my waist, the rest are smaller.

  • Actually I want to get tattoos and everyone is like: dont get a tattoo people won't trust you, you won't find a job easily and you will look like a bad person.
    I really want to get a tattoo because it's sth I can choose for my body, not like face and body, that will express myself.

    • I'm not excessively tattooed, you can't even see most of mine unless I'm wearing a bikini. It's no reason for people to judge you. You are who you are, what you like or want is up to you.
      I know my own mind and don't let other people make decisions for me. I've worked in retail before, but got refused a job as a car sales advisor. The guys daughter worked in there doing the same job and she had a tattoo on her wrist which was clearly visible. Hypocritical or what?

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