Does this enrage you enrage you?
Does this type of behavior enrage you too?
Cops get away with almost anything.


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  • Yeah, it can be pretty disgusting.


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  • This is why I value knowledge so highly. If I'm to be unjustly taken by the law enforcement, they can expect to lose a law-suit for stealing my life. Regardless of having to explain what's written anyway, I will make them come crawling back to me in forgiveness.

    I don't take abuse of power lightly, and those who does
    will answer to me, if I am anywhere near.


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  • And yet in a lot of these instances you only ever hear the side of the "victim" half the time all the cops do is ask you a question like why are you out so late or if they can see your ID to make sure your not out at 3 in the morning while your under aged. Or maybe the cops are in gang territory or a bad part of town where there is a lot of crime these are the things that they never specify on only that the cops were present.

    I personally love the cops in my town they don't single anyone out they are fair and they do their job which is to make the town safer for everyone and they put their lives on the line to do that.

    And a lot of the time these little incidents like the ones in the video are blown way out of portion by the media. Just a couple weeks ago I was taking a walk late at night near the morning and there were two cops who were talking beside their cars stopping for a few minutes to stretch their legs on a patrol probably. And they stopped me when I walked by just curious as to what I was doing out so late, doing their job I replied just out for a night walk, they told me to stay safe and have a good night I replied the same and I went on my way, no issues no problems and they were real friendly and polite about it.

    Only the guilty run and only the guilty have something to hide or be fearful of, if you didn't do anything wrong then just abide by what they say and work with em. but of course you always have some jackass who thinks he's better has to get smart with them or some moron who pleads the 5th for no reason.

  • Yeah cops have a real superiority complex and have all their buddies backing them up if they ever do fucked up shit. Don't really get enraged though cos im not in the US and when I have come across police nothing bad ever really happened.

  • Why is it so hard to comply with the cops and show your ID? It doesn't hurt anyone.

  • Stop being such a pussy, try living in Russia or Kenya (two different kinds of corrupt police).

    • Try brazil, now that's a corrupted system.
      Cops weren't always this bad, they're only human so there's not much to expect.

    • So stop crying about the nice police America has seriously.

    • The girl in the first part of the video was just being a whiny bitch lmfao.

      "I plead the fifth me no have ID I want obstruction to justice waa waa"