I'm scared of guys?

I love men. But I'm pretty scared of them, regarless if they are muscly or not. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I'm pretty short and small but when I'm with a guy alone, if we started to argue I kinda get the feeling that he can hurt me if he wanted to. Some did before but they didn't realize they were hurting me. ( Like holding my wrists down coz they didn't want me to leave, they apologized later.) I feel like I have no strength at all. Like they all look huge , towering me over and all and it's like they can kill me with a simple slap. That's why I can't even argue with the guys I'm dating now!

It's hard to explain and might not make any sense to you but that's how I feel.

I'm starting to hit the gym to get stronger but whatever I do, I'm still scared around men. Wtf is wrong with me?

Anyone experiencing the same feeling?

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  • I'm a girl this is the first time I hear something like that! / I don't ever feel the same.
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  • I'm a guy don't be scared of us.
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  • I'm a guy I will find you and I will kill you.
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  • Personally I would rather give my hand for breakfast to an alligator than hurting a girl. All my friends think pretty much the same way, although some of them are a bit cheap so they won't give their whole hand but just one or two fingers - but it still counts. Of course not all guys think the same way but in general no guy wakes up in the morning thinking "What a good day for hurting girls."


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  • sorry that you feel that way because one person hurt you. thats one reason why i beleave in the right to carry or CCW.

  • Just knee a dude between his legs! I'm sure he will be on the ground and will think twice on laying hands a a female next time.

  • Hahaha owww


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