Girls, What do you think the best strategy would be for a girl who is sparring against a guy?

Assuming that there are no limits/rules set in place ahead of time? I'm trying to figure out what to expect!


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  • Definitely to either be very quick and move around a lot, or know how to use his weight against him. I also suppose a low blow, if that's an option...


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  • Boob Distraction. Flash them and hit their nuts with a hammer. Works every time.

    • ha, yeah. Very realistic...

    • Is your issue with the idea of me having a hammer on hand? You'd be surprised what I can fit in my purse. In all seriousness, biting. The human jaw can bite with an average of 160 lbs of force. So, yeah, bite wherever you can, and if you can get to them, claw out their eyes.