Does death make you sad?

Have you ever seen someone die? Have you seen how much pain they're in? And even if they die quickly and painlessly, the fact that life has to end? HUMAN life, not a cat or dog...

Like you can do anything while you're here, but it doesn't matter because you're just going to die anyway...

You can build a billion dollar business, but you're just going to die, anyway...

Your heart will fail, your lungs will fail, your kidneys will fail... You can be the healthiest person on Earth, but it is inevitable that you will die some day...


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  • I'm not afraid of death. And when it comes I will just accept it (not that I have much of a choice there). I guess I'm just less afraid of death after having been severely depressed at some points in my life. There's been several deaths in my family, and my grandfather is in his way there soon due to the fact that he's very old and smokes all the time. You can just feel death creeping closer to him every time he coughs with that harsh smoker cough of his. 😕 He's kind of just waiting for his death though, and I don't blame him since both his wife and his best friend died just a few years ago.


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  • Not anymore I'm afraid.

    I remember when my grandmother died, I was with her on her death bed in the hospital. I also had a friend literally die in my arms, after commiting an almost incomplete suicide. I didn't experience it first-hand, but I was with my father just 20 minutes before he died in a car accident.

    I've also had to help digging broken people out of crumbling buildings after
    immense earthquakes.

    I've grown tired of death, sad thing is, I didn't even cry at my fathers funeral
    you know what? I laughed..

    • Why did you laugh?

      And how does this make you feel about your own life and death?

    • At the first time, I do my best to try again
      against the inevitable tragedy.
      In the second time, I become disgusted
      towards the inevitable tragedy.
      The third time, disgust is overwhelmed into painfulness.
      But by the seventh time, this all becomes a farce comedy.

      I laughed because I found it comical, angels are not supposed to be the first to fall

      I've come close to death a couple times myself, once I had to be resuscitated
      death has become something I consider "normal", life spitting you in the face and
      saying "fuck you". Since then I've become addicted to the adrenaline of danger
      and cheated death a few times.

      My friends know me to be reckless, but this reckless nature of mine
      did actually save a friend from dying, so.. ^.~

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  • yeah. I watched my best friend die. it mentally killed me along with him.

    • What about more slowly deteriorating health such as the lungs of a smoker and someone dying just because they chose to smoke cigarettes and they and up with brain tumors...

    • that's what it felt like afterward. the pain I felt wasn't as bad wen he first died. it was too numb. then the sadness turned to anger and self hatred.

    • You're young, though...

      I'm just trying to imagine how I will be able to enjoy life after my close family dies...

  • Not really no. Death is a part of life, ts a fact that we are all going to die. We start dying the day we are born.
    To fret and worry about it everyday is just not a good/healthy way to live...

    • But to think about cancer cells growing inside of you, and things like that?

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    • Try therapy, thats not a healthy and happy way to live...

    • Maybe anxiety medication...

      The other day, I drove past a hospital and a few minutes later got light headed thinking about myself with cancer in the hospital...

      I pulled over and fainted in a tire store...

      I actually pissed on their floor...

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  • Yes. It does make me sad, but more than that to me its an incentive to always make the most of life and not waste any of it. Its not something thats often on my mind, that would be far too depressing.

  • Yes, I do get sad when I think about eath, but mostly because I'm constantly afraid weather my girlfriend is alive or not

  • Lol, that's one way to look at it.

    You should take an existentialist approach and incorporate death into your lives. It should encourage you to live life to the fullest and not hold back, because you never truly know when you will die.

    • I suppose...

      Like I should ask that one girl out, right?

    • Yes, what will happen if she says no? I mean really, I used to have anxiety over those things. But fuck it, I'm in my 20's, I'm not in high school anymore, I shouldn't be timid of women. What's the worst that happens? She says no? Whatever, most people you see anyways at this age you won't run into again.

  • You make it sound so dramatic. You're born, you live, you die. It's a cycle dude. I think the least we deserve is a painless death. They do it for animals.

    • It IS dramatic... All I have is my life... And it's going to end! I will cease to exist...

      I am 28. There is no reason I shouldn't live another 60 years. And I think I will think about my death the whole time!

      I am a paranoid hypochondriac with excellent health insurance...

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    • Everything ages. One day the sun will go out. You'll be left sitting in the cold and dark. Is that what you want? Sitting alone in the cold and dark?

    • No, I want to be youthful and surrounded by youthful people...

      You're not going to convince me that I want to die...

  • I've watched people die. It doesn't really affect me.

    • Were they strangers or relatives? How old were you? What was their relation to you?

      But what about when you think about your mother, father, siblings, or YOURSELF?

      Your health will fail some day, too...

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    • Nothing. I know it's coming, and I accept it. I don't live in fear of it, so I live my life to its fullest potential.

    • And it also bothers me that those around me must die...

      My mother, father, siblings will all die and I will be left here without them and I think it will lead to depression from that moment on...

      I don't believe in ghosts or heaven...

  • No, I can't wait to die personally

    • how can you not wait to die? What do you do with your life?

      The only life that I could imagine not waiting to die from is that of a telemarketer who works 50 - 60 hours per week...

  • Yes it's sad, I've seen so many go but not right at that moment, watching my mom die of cancer slowly for years was bad then years later my aunt which was was her younger sister. So I just try not to think of it for now since life is hard enough with things I'm going through now

    • It makes you wonder what is the meaning of all this "life," doesn't it?

      I know the answer. Would you like to know?

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    • What do you think they would say if I asked them if we could have sex?

    • Probably screw off, lol since that never works even with hot guys