Who do you think is the greatest ENTERTAINER of all time?

and why?

The nominees:
-Michael Jackson (King of Pop)
-Tina Turner (Queen of Rock 'n Roll)
-Janet Jackson
-Elvis Pressley (King of Rock 'n Roll)
-James Brown (Godfather of Soul)

Things to consider: Quality of work (strong lyrics/musicianship), Album/tour sales, Worldwide recognizability, Versatility, Artistic variety (someone who was involved in different aspects of entertainment such as film/video), Longevity

This is about entertainment value, not marketing/PR stunts. So remember that anything done for promotion shouldn't count in your evaluation

  • Michael Jackson
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  • Tina Turner
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  • Elvis Pressley
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  • Madonna
    Vote D
  • Janet Jackson
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  • Beyonce'
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  • James Brown
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  • MJ, the King! Hands down!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Michael Jackson

    • Agreed, if for no other reason than the volume and diversity of people he entertained

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What Guys Said 10

  • my top 3 on this list would be
    Michael Jackson
    James Brown

  • Michael, no contest, d00d was the king!

  • It has to be MJ. I bet in every or almost every country in the world, if you took that list and asked people who they were someone would Know MJ.

  • My vote goes to Dean Martin. Wonderful singer, great comedian. If I have to pick from this crop, Elvis.

  • Metallica for sure. They never exposed, displayed, or begged for media attention. They even got denied from MTV and still made it to the top ten list in the radio. It's rare if you can catch them in a talk show.

    • This is about entertainers, they're musicians. And doing interviews isn't begging for media attention. Now, doing what the Kardashians do is begging

    • In that case Micheal Jackson in the flesh my deer friend.

  • For males , it has to be MJ, but for females I think it has to be Britney spears

  • i prefer British music more , Jay Kay for me ; p

    • I don't think I understand the comment. There's not a genre called 'british music' lol

  • Elvis

  • Elvis of course

    • Out of curiosity, what makes you say this? Considering he doesn't have a big fanbase outside of US and UK?

    • And on what do you base he doesn't have a "big fanbase" outside of US and UK?

      I beg to differ. The man wasn't dubbed the king by the media for no reason. (Heck, "Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite was broadcast to more than 40 nations, and broke viewing records in Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia. Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite, the double-LP containing all 24 songs from the broadcast, was rush released to arrive in stores the first week of February, 1973. It sold a half-million units in its first four weeks." - recordcollectornews.com/.../ )

      Mark my words, in 100 years time all his contemporaries will be long forgotten but his name will live on, as it still does today (shit, the City of Memphis lives on tourists coming into the city to see Graceland... can't think of many dead entertainers that have fans flocking to see their idol's house!)

      Lucky for you I still had my notifications on, but this will be my last reply

    • Was there a need for the attitude?

      I don't know a single millenial (especially from outside of the western world) who knows any of Elvis' music. Michael Jackson on the other hand has raked in a billion dollars a year since his death and nearly everyone knows his name and at least one of his albums through and through

      I only asked why you said that because I don't consider Elvis to transcend time, race, nationality, etc. He only has a dwindling, predominately white boomer & gen x, fanbase. The only reason why millenials may know about him is if they had a grandparent or parent who liked his music

      Michael, Janet, Beyonce', and even Madge still get radio play and have people my age who know their music

      And trust me, no one is flattered by your presence. No one is "lucky" that you had your notifications on, especially since you decided to be a dick

  • Entertainment sucks nowadays...


What Girls Said 1

  • Tim Hawkins. Better than all of them put together.

    Also Bruno Mars, uptown funk you up baby😄

    • I know I asked for opinions but this is a very ridiculous statement to make considering all of the above legends (besides Madge) have more talent in their pinky toes than any other entertainer

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