Is it common for people to block you for petty reasons?

I was intending to have a discussion with a woman on here. I simply pointed out her fallacies and hypocrisy, then I wake up to a private message from her (This is attention-seeking if there ever was), telling me that I shouldn't be talking to her like that?

She didn't even respond to my arguements, she had to attack my person to come up with any sort of argument, and she's 23! I would expect her to be more mature than me, but this is the Internet, I suppose.

Does this happen often?

  • Yes, many people block for little to no reason
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  • A lot of people block but it's not too common
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  • It rarely happens to me, but quite a lot for other people
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes. People really block other people for no apparent reason and for petty reasons


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some people post loaded questions and polls which make it clearly obvious they aren't interested in an intelligent discussion. They just want to stir up an argument or push their agenda. And when you hit them with facts to the contrary and links to back them up, bang! You're blocked. Any many of them go by the same name, Anonymous. :-/

    • Isn't Anon just code name for troll?

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    • Hopefully it gets sorted out then. Messaging them directly would be much more effective, though.

    • Yes, it would, but the subject was on the table for open discussion. Plus it allows other mods, editors, and admin to weight in.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Of course. Some people can't handle small comments.

  • Yeah some dude blocked me for calling him a lonely troll last night


What Guys Said 2

  • Not really petty but it's just easier to avoid headaches. Some people are intolerable, the mute button gets them out of your life immediately.

    • That is understandable but is it not pretty to block someone for a mere difference of opinion? Or because they showed you why you're wrong? Or are those two things intolerable in themselves?

      I'll admit that it's clever if you want your MHO % to go up.

    • Has nothing to do with difference in opinion or not.

  • I don't know really I just block people from commenting shit sometimes... but that's all

    Not sure if I'm blocked by anyone