Why do so many people think we are ready to build settlements on the moon, or mars, when we aren't even living in Antarctica yet?

With as cool as people living on mars would be, it seems clear that the human race needs to at least master the harsh survival conditions of our own planet, before trying to live in space. It makes me wonder if part of it isn't just the fact they have had so many bad experiences, that they see leaving the planet as a means of escape, as oppose to a logical step for humans.


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  • Antarctica is on the same planet with the same atmosphere. There are scientists in Antarctica. Surviving on another planet completely self sufficient without the earths atmosphere, heat, radiation shielding, air pressure, etc is a new frontere. People want to explore and expand. I doubt you're asking why people want to explore.

    • I know there are scientists in Antarctica, but I am not talking about people living there temporarily. There is no permanent population of people living in Antarctica. I understand the desire to explore, but if our technology isn't able to make a place like Antarctica habitable, then that tells me we need to further develop the right technology before even thinking about living in space. There is a difference between wanting to do something, and thinking we are ready to do it.

    • You don't seem to understand what you're proposing and the difference between wanting to colonize space and... Antarctica. It's not a matter of technology. It's a matter of undesirable environment on our same old planet. I'm not going to troll you but to respond further would just degenerate into telling you to educate yourself, in rude ways.

    • I am not talking about peoples desire to build settlements off world. I am talking about them thinking it makes sense to do so. If it made economic sense to build in Antarctica, then people would. Mars would be an even more expensive investment, with less of a return on that investment. The only reason we don't build settlements in either location, is that it doesn't make economic sense at this point.

      When governments funded expeditions to the new world, it was because they stood to profit from it. It wasn't because they were tired of building settlements in the same old world. lol

      Governments will build settlements anywhere, as long as they stand to profit from it. We like to tell ourselves we are explorers, but in truth exploration takes huge amounts of money. Money that will only be spent, if the people with the money see it as a good investment. With our current technology it is a horrible investment. Could we keep people alive off world? Maybe, but it wouldn't be profitable.