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I have an LG G4 which I think is better than an iPhone. I know this is a controversial thing to say which a lot of people will disagree with.


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  • Honor a daughters company from Huawei.

    • I've heard that Huawei phones are indestructible, is this true of yours?

    • Not sure about that, mine only dropped 5-6 times I think 3 times front face but it was on wood. So far no scratches on the screen but I see a few on the side of the phone. You can always go for a screen protector tho.

    • thanks for MHG :)

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  • Apple.

    • Oh I also still use my old Samsung to.

    • Do you prefer you Apple or your Samsung phone?

    • Unlike android phones all Apple apps seems to be good and Apple phones don't slow down like android ones do.

  • Mine is a Samsung.