What tablet should I get for my mom who will be using it for browsing and checking email and printing?

It has to be one that is easy to read. My mom has a hard time reading without glasses. I'm not willing to spend more than $320.


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  • Well, I'm almost blind myself and I use an Ipad. Telling from other visually impaired people I know, Apple is by far the most popular producer of devices such as smartphones and tablets among people with visual disabilities (also among people with hearing problems by the way). The reason for this is that Apple by far takes the most consideration to disabled people. They have a number of cool things you can do that Samsung and other companies don't offer. For example on my Iphone, I have inverted the colors (you can even do it with Siri, you can tell her "invert colors"). This creates a screen where the background is black and everything that is written is white. It takes a few days to get used to because all the other colors change as well (blue becomes yellow etc.) but I got used to it pretty quickly. I think it's so great I even recommend it to people with good eyesight. The invert color mode is MUCH more relaxing for your eyes.
    Furthermore, you can also change the font size both on Iphones and Ipads. I've heard you can do this on Samsung too but the design gets kinda weird. I also like that I can zoom in a lot on my Ipad, for example when I'm using Safari. My mom has a Samsung tablet where you can't zoom in AT ALL and I think it's very disabled-unfriendly. You can also change the light intensity of the screen and I think you can even change the contrast.
    So, if you've got the money, I definitely recommend you an Apple Ipad. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly how much they are. The one I bought was on sale and it cost me around 250 Swiss Franks, that's about 260 US dollars.

  • IMHO Samsung is hard to beat

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