Okay what does this say about the person who wrote this?

Okay so i need to know what does this piece say about the person who wrote it , apart from being a horrible writer!! Pls be genuine, i m but worried !

It always goes like this- you desire for things you can't have! It always have to be like this! For me it starts with spotting a guy with a genius syndrome, good looks , charming personality and a flair for not noticing me. I get intimidated by him in first sight and obviously he doesn't notice me. He goes around saying perfect things, doing really adorable stuff and being awesome as he is and I spend the entire semester pining and longing for just a lame Hi! . I keep dreaming about all the perfect moments that can happen between us and there is he being totally unaware about the fact that someone's hormones are off the chart because of him! Someone is turning red every time he says something swoon worthy or do something that is way cuter then cuddling with a baby. And then there are days when i feel sorry for myself about the fact that I don't have the guts to just say a simple hi to the guy who is unknowingly turning my world upside down! Even when i am writing this piece , he is sitting in front of me , being his adorable self and doesn't even know i exist! Okay. Maybe he knows i exist but he never even bothered to say hi! Sometimes i wonder its just me, i exude this aura that i am not interested in small talks or don't bother saying hi because i bite. Anyways as i am sitting behind him, he still can make my heart flutters without even doing anything. And honestly when i land my eyes on a guy I don't even expect a relationship or a fling, all i hope is a simple hello or friendship. As i said story of my life , longing for things I can't have-EVER... hoping that someday this vicious circle of one sided secret heartbreak and pining will end, finding someone who will love me back the way i am capable of loving him back.


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  • I really feel for you. I to had something similar happen when I was in high school and the last feeling that comes over you. Don't make the same mistake I did by not speak up. If you don't you will always wonder what if


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