If you were given the chance to enter for 5 minutes into someone's house and break whatever you want there, then whose house it's going to be?

For 5 minutes u can break wotever u want... and u won't be punished for wot u did...

I'd love to do dat to a singer I hate... hahaha... I'd go in and break glasses... plates... TV screens... hahaha everything...


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  • Well there is this 18-24 yr old anon guy I could do!


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  • I'd probably would want to do something like that to someone who I thought was my "friend" but had screwed me over and lied to me and ripped me off on more than one occasion.

    But unless there's a way for him to never find out that I was the one to fuck up all his shit as payback then I would rather not do it.


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