Dad constantly tells me to clean when I dont need to, why?

How do ignore this behavior? This is going to piss me the hell off. Every day my dad is constantly telling me to clean. My room and the damn house is clean as Shit. He told me yesterday that he doesn't like having my window open because he doesn't want people to see that my bed is unmaid or whatever. Who cares what some nosey creep thinks? Then everytime my boyfriend comes over he will say that my boyfriend probably thinks Im nasty for having such a dirty room. I just cleaned yesterday! Why does he keep telling me to clean and shit when i dont need to its driving me fxcking crazy like im loosing my mind. He will even put me down about it. Its stupid. My room dont hve any crap in it but a bed a dresser and a closet. And i work all day so im not even home but to sleep otherwise im at my boyfriends for the weekend.


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  • That sounds really strange. You should just have a serious talk and tell him it's not cool. And if he doesn't give in. Then just start to tell him NO.


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