Do you work hard in University so that work life is less stressful?

What I mean is, (and I've NEVER understood this): if you work super hard at business school studying every day of your life to get an investment banking job... once you get it, do you even use any of that education?

Because studying so much is super stressful, and I wouldn't want a career that is emotionally draining from an academic perspective.

BUT if teh whole point of working hard in University is only to get that spot as an investment bank and then it's a hard life because of the hours but not necessarily in the same way studying for school was draining, that's a whole other topic.


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  • Some things you use literally every day. Most you do not or never use. College is like basic training or boot camp, it gives you some understanding so that when you go out into the field you are not as lost as others. Obviously work hard, just try not to kill yourself, its just not worth it.

    • Best answer especially the last part

  • Nope rarely use the education. Always doing demenial tasks that uneducated people doing. Only pays if you go further


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