What is going on with me? Please someone? I've never been so caught up on a dude before?

:( I don't know how he got to me.. He isn't anything like the guy I imagined I would want to be with. I got with him on a whim-- we met online, both are juniors at different colleges an hour apart, we met in person, hung out, and had sex. I went back 3 times. Initially, I just wanted sex. He acted as if he wanted More but I put a stop to it. He hadn't had sex for months prior to me.

i hope to see him this weekend (he said he may be available). We've known each other since New Years. He is VERY busy w/ track & college, it's probably the worst time to be interested in him because he hardly has any free time. SO, he doesn't really pay much attention to me either.

I dont know if I caught feelings or WHAT because he's all I think about; I don't ever want to leave when I am with him; I want to be with him 24/7; I want to b his girl I guess. The thing is, now he is acting cold to me. It may be because he's super busy... When he has free weekends he contacts me. But otherwise, I don't hear from him besides looking at our snap chat stories.

i tried to move on because I had texted him asking if he wanted to hang out besides sex & he never responded. Since, I've met and made out with 2 other guys.. And it made me miss him more, and further realize the sexual compatibility we share. I feel f**ked because I only want him... And he isn't giving me any thread. Only on his time. Like saying maybe this weeknd & keeping me in limbo. I don't know what to do. I'm really falling for the dude. This sucks. He was the 2nd guy I had sex with, and I only want him ever again.


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  • "I want to b his girl I guess" Yeah seems like you are hung on him bad.
    Send him a snap with a picture of you saying "I only want you and only you :(" and see what he says. At least he looks at your snapchat stories, so give it a try.

    I do think he is just busy with track and college. But when he does respond to you, tell him you want to see him because you want to talk to him about how you are feeling towards him, and tell him that he can only hear what you need to say face to face.

    • I think I will have to. I'm crazy for him... Absolutely crazy :/ if he doesn't feel the same, I'll be a bit broken that's for sure lol. But I think I do need to tell him, soon and in person.

    • Sooner then later lovely, don't leave it off for too long

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