Vaporizes. What are my friends doing?

Today i was at school and two of my friends (who are not drugos) were talking about vapor. They said that some kid was selling them for 500 for $10 and how cheap and great that was. I said if its cheap is probley some stepped on shit but they ignored this. It was like they had it stuck in there heads that it was "great, healthy ect" Basically they had been sucked in to it. They don't want to put weed or whatever in there they were talking about these flavors. So anyway i want to know legitimately what is vape, is it bad for you, is addictive and is it illegal for under 18.


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  • First of all, ANY DRUG is illegal for under 18. Second, vape is very bad for you. It is a type of a cigarette that is supposedly healthier because it is made of vapor with nicotine in it. It is extremely addictive (like smoking).

    • Vaping is not bad for you. It is literally jut water vapor

      It is not a type of cigarette, it is entirely different to a cigarette.

      It is only addictive if you choose a liquid with nicotine in it - nicotine-free ones are not addictive.

    • @TheHooptyMiata

      Vaping is bad for you if you use nicotine in it (which is what most people do) because it is water vapor with nicotine. Most people choose to put nicotine in it. There is really no point to using it without nicotine, so it is usually addictive.

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  • Vaping is fine. I mean, it's not gonna kill them.