Let's play a game : who can continue my dream?

Ok, so, I dreamt about strange things this night. But I've been forced to stop because of my alarm clock :/ So we're all gonna play a game : I'll tell you the beginning of my dream and you're gonna have to imagine what could be next. Be creative and funny!

So I dreamt that I was on a sunny beach, next to a blue sea of calm waves, in the middle of the afternoon. I come in, I set my stuff, my towel etc. I start taking a rest, and I see these three beautiful babes in their swimsuits settling next to me. I only have a small time to admire their body (and start getting a boner) before DRIIIIING! my alarm clock wakes me up. What's next?


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  • Then you start to approach the beautiful babes and then run away screaming. Suddenly, a big wave comes and pulls you into the ocean and you drown. The end. :)

    • Or how the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare lol

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