Pros and cons of circumcision, is it worth getting done?


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  • Pros: If it is necessary for your health, some people like the look of it, is said to reduce risk of HIV (Although, you would be better off practicing safe sex), you blonder have to take two seconds to clean behind the foreskin

    Cons: With time your penis sensitivity will reduce, some people don't like the look of it, no substitute for safe sex, your head will be sore because it is scraping against your jeans, you could possibly zip up your head instead of foreskin, you need lube to masturbate

  • have a friend who was circumscribed in his late 30s. from a guy who's experienced both, he prefers to be circumcised.

    he was circumcised for medical reasons (cut himself and the bleeding wouldn't stop).

  • Unless you have a medical condition there's no reason to get one done.