Did he like me? I think of him as more than just a waiter?

So we met this guy on holiday who was such a pleasant person, and who seemed hard-working and dilligent. He was working as a waiter in one of the Indian restaurants we were visiting.

Initially cold to him because I thought he was a cool person, I was nice to him the second time we went, and he was nice back. Later, I noticed one of the guests kept staring at me (this old creepy dude), and I was sitting uncomfortably looking at the waiter for support. He was looking at me out of the corner of his eye and smiling positively.

I can just tell when older guys like protecting me and I thought he did, but it could just be me.

I think my jealous sister noticed this too, because later on when everyone was praising him she said, 'Why only him? All the other waiters were good too.'

Hehee :)

What do you think? lol
Did he?


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  • Yeah he could had liked you. Sometimes to they try to be super nice for a tip. But he seemed genuine.


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