What do you know about Judaism, the religion not the people?

This is strictly about the religion and not what people do in the name of the religion or what jews do.


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  • Yes, because I am Jewish! haha

    • Lol and what do you know about it?

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  • Let's say I know a thing or two about Judaism. We have mandatory religion-class in Switzerland on a primary school level and junior high level and the type of high school I attended also had mandatory religion class. So basically, I have been educated in different religions for my whole school career, except from university. Although I'm an atheist myself, I very much liked the religion classes. Especially in my high school, we had a very young and nice teacher who was very motivated about his job and very passionate about his subject. Also, what I especially loved and appreciated was that his teaching style was very neutral and objective. I know he himself was a Christian but I only know because I once asked him after class. So it wasn't like we were praying in class or anything like that, it was very much research-focused.
    Anyway, so in that class I learned a lot about the different religions in the world. For the whole first year, we talked about Christianity. But for the remaining three years, we learned about Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, native tribal religions in Africa, Australia, South east Asia and the Amazon region, and also different religious cults and sects, such as Scientology. Back then I knew a lot about Judaism. I also had two girls Jewish girls in my class and they once brought in Jewish pastry that they had baked for the class. They're made with vegetable oil instead of butter, because butter is not kosher. I personally didn't like them so much because they were so oily but it was still very cool to try something new :-). Nowadays I don't remember so many things... it's been 10 years and I've forgotten stuff. So I'm certainly not an expert on Judaism but I know a few things :-).


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  • Let me see...

    Their faith and traditions originated with Father Abraham.

    The name of God is too sacred for them to speak. God identifies Himself as I AM in the Book of Exodus. "I" is the name unique to the speaker alone, so the Jews abbreviate to "YHWH", or "Yahweh".

    They celebrate the Passover to commemorate their liberation from slavery in Egypt. They celebrate the Passover cedar meal with bitter herbs, bread, and a sacrificial lamb. The Feast is marked by four different cups of wine; I forget what the first two are, but I believe the second ones are the Cup of Blessing and the Cup of Consummation. They absolutely MUST eat the lamb, as the Hebrews were required to before fleeing Egypt.

    They understand the concept of "memory" not merely as a recollection of a distant past event, but as a reliving of that event. Essentially, they bring the past to the present.

    How'd I do?

  • I know that Orthodox and Chasidic Jews only buy first floor condos in Miami so as to avoid climbing stairs on the Sabboth. I also very much enjoy saying Shabbat Shalom.

    • Thats people not the religion

    • Very true, but I was being facetious as usual. As for the religion itself, any description would be extensive to include Reformed, Conservative, Chasidic and Orthodox sects. Lots o' stuff.