Who do you think will win the presidency 2016?

  • Hillary Clinton
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  • Berny Sanders
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  • Donald Trump
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  • Jeb! Bush
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  • Marco Rubio
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  • Ted Cruz
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  • another candidate [please elaborate]
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  • Hopefully Bernie. And hopefully NOT the asshat with a rug on his head.


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  • Hillary. I want Bernie tho

    • Hillary, I really really hope not. A pair of cuffs should be slapped on Hillary.

    • @Ferretman21 I don't really like her. She can't be trusted, in my opinion she colludes with Wall street and others, she's too into the dark side of politics. But as a democrat I would prefer her over the flamboyant Republicans like Trump or Cruz.
      I think because of her status it'll be hard for anyone to beat her. I would love for Bernie to take over.

    • Lol, probably gonna get shit for this, but. I haven't followed the elections, much. So far though, I like what Trump says he will do, deport illegal immigrants, strengthen the boarder.

      I like that he's real, he has money he doesn't need to steal from the presidential budget, I just don't think he's in it for himself as much as everyone else... especially Hillary... you know Hillary is gonna look out for #1 first.

  • Please not Hillary, Please not Hillary.

  • Bankers?

  • Hillary ALL THE WAY

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