Do smart people have normal loving relationships like everyone else?

Sometimes i look at smart people and feel confused as to how they would even want to spend most of their life working in a particular profession you give your life to. Maybe they're just really smart so they like working, I'm not sure. But I don't feel a connection.

Then I look at girls with their boyfriends and boyfriends with their girlfriends and think they're normal people just like you and me who want love and like having people around them, they're just more composed most of the time.


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  • Smart people probably have the most fulfilling relationships because they are too smart to waste time speculating on implicit symbols or being derailed by emotional quibbling.

    The time they lack for one another is made up through quality and efficiency.

    That's why I've recently made the decision to only go for smart girls, given that they have a sense of humor and don't take shit too seriously.

    • By the way: a lot of people who are smart, but not too smart are horribly insecure. Because they're in the middle.

      I have found these types of people, girls especially to be the worst sort of company to be around. If they're good people I genuinely feel for them, but a lot of the time they are not, and do not have my sympathy

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    • Of course. Think about it; truly intelligent people know they are intelligent and are usually comfortable in their own skin. People who are not really smart are also okay with themselves because they don't have anything to prove and accept the way the world works. They hang out with people who are also maybe not as 'smart' and are happy with their life.

      But people in the middle, they aren't truly intelligent so they're always insecure. They're not dumb either, so they're not content with hanging out with/or aspiring to what unintelligent people aspire towards. They always have something to prove. They're always in the middle of things. It's worse for girls, because they bring their looks into this whole thing and try to look extra good to make up for the fact that they are not that bright. It's very complicated.

    • Interesting hypothesis.

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  • Emotionally smart people have good relationships if they are paired with other emotionally smart people (EQ rather than IQ). If not, the person without the high EQ is a source of endless frustration to the person with the high EQ. People with low EQ are narcissists, sociopaths, people with crippled self-esteem. High IQ people may be able to maintain an intellectual conversation yet may not be able to understand each other if the EQ isn't balanced, therefore the relationship is in "jeopardy."


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  • I think your theory could be true, at least for me anyways.

    I don't think Im dumb but I'm not truly intelligent either so I often feel frustrated wanting to be on the same level as those who are more intelligent than I am.

  • Smart people don't have relationships.

    • What do u mean?

    • Relationships are a waste of time for men. And if you think about it, for women too. I am starting to think that only gay couples should have relationships.

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  • obviously

  • What's your definition of smart?

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