If I helped him find a job will he think I like him?

My coworker and I both want to find new jobs. I like him and I think he may like me.

I got an interview offer from someone I know. It isn't the type of job what I'm looking for but I know it's exactly what my Coworker wants. His dream job. So I told him about it.

will he think I like him now?


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  • Sounds like a friendly thing to do, but I don't think he'll necessarily think there's any more meaning behind it. Friends/co-workers do look out for each other, and if you stumbled across an opportunity that is what he's looking for, I think you'd have to dislike him considerably to keep it a secret.

    Now if you're wanting to create more of a relationship here, you could use this as an opportunity... Maybe when he has an interview at this place, suggest meeting for lunch or coffee afterwards to hear about how it went, since you probably don't want to talk about that kind of stuff at your current place of employment.
    If he gets the job, suggest a celebratory dinner date or something fun to celebrate his getting the job, or you both getting new jobs... That can be the reason, but of course once you're spending time together talking and whatnot (outside of the work environment) that's a better opportunity for things to develop!

    Good luck!

  • No probally not your only other option was to not give him a shot at his dream job witch would be kinda dickish


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