Do you think that it took 400 million years on this earth to see what we see today?

I mean everything from technology to the different species we see today.


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  • More like 13.7 billion 400 million only takes you back to just before the dinosaurs and really all the heavy elements had to be cooked up in massive stars and supernova then those elements had to float in space for a long time tell the sun started 5 billion years ago then earth formed 4 billion years ago 3 billion years ago it cooled enough for liquid water to be here and only since then could life form and evolve into humans 250 000 years ago and it's only been 30 000 years we have been using tools and only 5000 year we have been building gaint things steam power and the first industrial revolution was only 300 years ago electricity was only really been available to the masses for 100 years most of the martials and metals we use to push the limit today didn't exist 20 years ago


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  • Yes, I think so, though your number is wrong. The first forms of life are estimated to have come into existence over 1 billion years ago on this planet.

  • Well, we would have gotten here many many thousands of years earlier if Christianity/Judaism/Islam never existed.

  • WTF are you talking about?

    • read my brother read!!!

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    • They are opposed if you talk about the Christian god of the bible (or the other two monotheistic gods for that matter). I agree with you that not any god is necessarily mutually exclusive with evolution but the god most people in the west believe in certainly is. The bible explicitly says that the world was created in 6 days, 6,000 years ago. I don't see how anyone can misinterpret this. It's pretty straight forward. Also, 6,000 years isn't "a bit off". That's like saying George Washington lived in 700 B. C. and calling it "a bit off".

    • @BlueCoyote no that's way off